(Please Share) How to be a FSBO Master Audio Book (Dont by on Amazon)

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I am probably the only person who has ever wrote a book like this and then asked everyone to share this free version. The reason is, I want to help as many agents as possible. I am also building my team across the country based on the ideas and principals in this book and my group coaching. I focus on NO COST and LOW Cost lead generation strategies and systems that you can build a real predictable sales system from.

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  1. Introduction

2. Why do people FSBO

3. FSBO Lead Sources

4. Magic FSBO Script

5. Your PreListing Package

6. Building your follow up system

7. Using an Active Pricing Strategy

8. Setting up your net sheet

9. Listing Paperwork presentation

10. Building a tough Mindset

11. The Listing Appointment

12. Tying my Whole system together


I am looking for new agents that want to grow a high listing volume business. If this is you, email me at JasonMorrisMyrtleBeach (at) gmail (dot) com

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