5-4-17 how to not get overwhelmed or burnt out


Good Morning


I am just going to jump right into things this morning


Its the first week of May. I have a couple of questions for you


How many of you are off to a good start this month with your schedule? Have you prospected all the days so far you are suppose to?


I want you to ask yourself if you missed a day and if you did, write down why you missed it.


I am going to tell you guys something I am really guilty of. Depending on how you look at it, it could be a fault or a strength. However I will sometimes take on way more than what I can do. This isn’t new for me. These are the times I feel I thrive.


Today I want to talk about how not to get overwhelmed

And how to cut out things you need to cut out. Ill get to what exactly I mean in a few minutes.


I know I talk a lot about scheduled and sticking to it, which I do most of the time. I am guilty of not doing it all the time. Now this does not give you a free pass on not sticking to your schedule.


So this is what I currently have going on, this week, right now just to put things in perspective.


I will take 3 listings this week for sure, I’m looking for a 4th on. I took 4 last week. That is my goal 4 a week.


I am finishing my 2nd book “How to be a FSBO Master” which comes out on Monday!


I bought 6 homes last month that are all single wide mobile homes that had to be moved, set up and all of that stuff. I am planning to rent them or sell them with owner financing.


I have almost a million dollars from just this week under contract.


I have a new website getting set up so I can generate buyer leads and distribute them


I have 4 webinars which are other people’s not mine that I am preparing for. REDx is helping me with the book launch so I am coordinating stuff with them, the goal is 3500 kindle downloads the first week. Which is almost 3 times what the last book got.

We are having a baby in July


I do some land development and Iam having stuff surveyed and septic tanks installed on that property


I bought another piece of property this week

I am also a partner in a wedding venue

I have my group and all of you guys listening to this and I am sure there are other things I am forgetting about


That is an insane week. I dont know if you guys really know this, but I dont really have an assistant. Ive been thinking I need one, because we have 2 months until the baby is born and I am sure there will be new challenges there.


I have been selling real estate almost 14 years and guys this state, this level of stuff and variety of stuff going on it where I personally thrive. I dont do well going home and sitting on the couch or sleeping late every day.


You guys can see it would be really really easy for me to get overwhelmed or burnt out. I see some agents that have one deal going on and they can’t get anything else done for baby sitting that one deal.


If this is you, you are baby sitting one deal. I am going to give you some quick advice. You need to let go of some stuff and let everyone else do there job.


If you can send an email or a text to get it done versus having a 30 minute phone conversation do it. If you are not using vendors that can handle doing their job, you need to find new vendors. In the state of sc, agents are not required to be at home inspections. I am not sure they are required to be at them in any state. However if you have to be there, why are you going? Are you planning to crawl under the house with the guy?


Appraisal is the same way. I see agents that feel like they need to be there. You can’t really do anything at appraisals and inspections except stand in the way and ask questions that really just slow everyone down. In a lot of cases you are messing up the process.


Plus what could you be doing during that 3 or 4 hours of time?


For those of you that dont know, we only make money doing 2 things. Working with seller or working with buyers.


Look at those things you are doing with each transaction and figure out what do you really not have to do. My closing process is easy. I send the file to the attorney I recommend, I wait, I give access (on the phone or through email) for inspections and appraisals… then I wait.. Then it closes. There is no need for me to get more involved, if there is a problem, everyone will let me know. Once I am told there is a problem, I ask the other agent or attorney to email it to me. I then forward it to my seller and send a text that says “please see the email I forward and let me know when is a good time to discuss” about 50% of the time if it is something minor the seller will just respond by text or email.


I think some of us think we are going to positively effect the outcome by being in the way of everyone doing their job. You need really good at saying NO… You guys heard about my day a minute ago, could you imagine what would happen if I didnt say No a lot.


So I am going to give you 4 ways to avoid overwhelm. What I mean by being overwhelmed is that feeling you get when you are in the middle of your day and you have so much coming at you that you dont know what to do first and you kind of want to go sit in a corner and cry.


So I understand that you cant say no to everything. I hope you guys have set some standards for you business. We talked about that a few weeks ago. I hope you guys are working on the business you want to work on. The first step to leveraging your time is to work with more sellers than buyers. I could never do everything I need to do if I was spending all day driving buyers around. The million dollars worth of contracts this week would have never happened along with everything I need to do.


My business is fueled by me going out and getting more listings. That is the key to all of this stuff I have going on. If i quit taking listings today and quit making calls, I wouldn’t have the steady cash flow to buy houses, My calls is where I have found most of the deals I have found. I think most of the people who follow me, do because I am really active in the business.


Listing are going to leverage your business.


So here are my 4 steps to not feeling overwhelmed


  1. You have to start your day organized. Its easy to wake up in the morning and think Oh my god I have so much to do. You got email to send, calls you have to return. You got to run go pick something up. On these days, i sit and I make a list. I typically hand write it. That way I can cross things off and make notes.
    So I have my time blocked schedule already, then I pull up my google calendar and I start filling it in when I am going to do stuff around the stuff I already have schedule. I prioritize. What is the most important thing I have to get done. Other things sometime will get pushed back or canceled. 2 things never do. My prospecting schedule and any listing appointments. But I organize my day. I try to get everything in there, now sometimes you just can’t get it in there. I will ask myself “is this important that it gets done today? This doesn’t mean that my day does not get completly blown out of the water. You guys probably saw where last week I took a listing I helped a client buy from an auction, the previous owner who had not been there in weeks broke back in and baracaded the doors shut. These things happen. This is the truth, there are no emergencies in the real estate business.. If the house is on fire, unless you are a part time fire fighter, there is nothing you can do. Starting your day organized is going to automatically reduce the feeling of overwhelm. Sometimes when your day gets crazy in the middle of the day. Do the same thing, stop for 5 minutes and write down what you really have to do. A list is going to help you. Crossing things off that list for me, gets rid of that anxiety and feeling
  2. Take a break. I know this sounds backwards but it really helps. Quiet time really helps. Get up from your desk, go get a coffee. Something to drink. Dont answer your phone. Giving yourself that mental break is going to be huge. Listen to some music. That always helps me. But you just need to reset for a few minutes.
  3. Plan some catchup time. I do this on Friday mornings. Some people do it daily for 30 minutes before dinner or going home.  Ive got a couple of hours set aside in my week. My big issue is always paperwork that gets pushed back. I have a couple hours at the end of the week that this paperwork and anything I need to get caught up on gets done. As much as I plan to start turning in paperwork to my office as soon as a listing gets uploaded, I know its probably not going to happen.
  4. Change your multi-tasking mindset. I am bad about this myself. Sometimes I will be talking to one person on the phone, texting another and waiting for an email to come up to respond. But in reality our brain wasn’t really designed to do all of that. What happens is you just get overloaded.


Now the problem for some people is they are busy for so long the get burnt out. Ive been there before. To the point I felt like I was getting depressed and I hated getting out of bed in the mornings. Its easy to do, you do too much for too long and next thing you know you are dreading your day. I am going to give you 4 pieces of advice on how to avoid burn out. As you guys get busier, it is going to happen. I talked to jonathan edmund yesterday and he is 2nd year in the business and right now has 10 pending contracts. I know that at the pace he is going in 3 to 6 months he will feel burnt out if he isn’t already starting to feel that way. This is how I personally avoid burn out


  1. I make sure I get enough sleep. When I was younger I felt like I functioned fine on 3 or 4 hours of sleep at night. Ive learned that if I dont get enough sleep, I have horrible anxiety, I have trouble focusing and usually what I do focus on will be some sort of crazy stuff that doesn’t really matter. There have been studys to back this up where your cognitive scores go down. As much as you want to stay up and watch the last 3 episodes of house of cards on netflix because you had a long day, its really going to affect you tomorrow. Alcohol does me the exact same way. A lot of people think I just dont drink because I dont like alcohol, actually it is the opposite I do like hanging out and drinking a few beer. The problem is 2 or 3 beer creates a horrible anxiety issue for me the next day. Lack of sleep in studys shows an increase of stress.
  2. Say No to anything that is a new opportunity or responsibility. This really goes back to what things are you doing that you really dont need to be there for. If business related, Unless it is going to directly benefit you financially or help get something off of your plate, say no. A new listing, will benefit you financially. If that random fsbo calls you to come list their house. You should do it. A simi qualified buyer calls you and asks you to stop what you are doing right now to show them a house 30 minutes away…. You shouldn’t do that
  3. I think for most of use the biggest feeling of overwhelm and burn out is when you are prospecting. It never fails, as soon as I log into my dialer, my cell phone starts ringing, I start getting text and my brain immediately goes “omg I need to respond to these”.  Number 3 is use your voice mail. Get google voice. Set your voice mail up so it says “I am in a meeting from this time to this time, which is your prospecting time. I will be unavailable. Please leave a message and I will call you as soon as I get out. My email is and leave your email. This was huge for me when I started doing it. It was hard at first, but this will help you prevent burn out and being overwhelmed. This way you can time block and work on 1 thing at a time. You can do the same thing with email. Lots of times the reason clients and everyone expect immediate responses from us, is because that is the expectation we set up. The reason they think they can email at midnight and they should have a response back is, because of the expectations we set. I will rarely email or call someone back after about 7pm at night. If i do, its because I really like you.
  4. Ask for help. Do you have anyone that can help you. If you are getting overwhelmed with buyers, is there an agent in your office you can refer some to. If you are getting overwhelmed with calls, can you use google voice and get voice mails transcribed and text to you? Do you have too much going on with pending files? If it is stuff at home, can you ask our spouse or significant other for help?


You dont have to accept feeling burnt out or getting overwhelmed. It gets very easy to get too much this time of the year.


We have some time here, do you guys have any questions about today? You guys have anything going on in your week you need help with?


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